RFID cards & badges

All of our badge types are available with an RFID tag or inlay for use with Badge & Track using either short range or long range UHF technology.

Short range RFID:

Requires each card or badge to be scanned using a handheld RFID reader or tapped on desktop or wall mounted readers positioned around the venue to record attendance to the event or individual sessions/seminar rooms.

The readers can either be connected directly to a laptop / PC or they can operate over a wifi network, enabling real time monitoring and reporting on attendance and no-shows etc.

Long range RFID:

Operates using Ultra High Frequency RFID technology and requires a series of antennae and readers to be set up in specific locations around the venue. Cards and badges containing an RFID tag can then be read as delegates move around the venue, with a read range of up to 10 meters.

This option offers advantages over short range RFID as the attendance of delegates to the event and certain areas or breakout sessions can be recorded without the need to stop and scan individual badges.

UHF RFID is more complex to set up and generally requires technical support throughout the duration of the event.

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