Delegate tracking: badge & track

Track and report on delegate attendance, assign access rights to specific areas or seminars, manage session bookings, even track delegates’ whereabouts in real time using barcode or RFID technology.

With Badge & Track, each delegate is assigned a unique identifier (IUD) which is encoded onto his or her badge in the form of a barcode or RFID tag.

With the Scan & Deliver function Badge & Track can also be used to print badges on arrival at your event. An email generated from the software and including a barcode, can be sent out in advance. The delegate can then bring this to the event, either as a print out or on a phone/tablet, present it to a reader on the registration desk and the badge is automatically printed.

Badge & Track is available as a plug-in module with both of our badging systems, ComPic and Conference Card Creator or as part of a managed badging service.

View the Badge & Track mobile app video
  • Available as an option with Conference Card Creator, ComPic. ComPicWeb or as part of a managed badging service.
  • Can use RFID or barcode technology
  • Track delegates at your event
  • Report on attendees and no shows
  • There is an email barcode option to enable you to scan and print your badge on arrival.
  • Allow or deny access to your events.

Download our Badge&Track for full details.