Delegate tracking: badge & track

Track, control and report on delegate attendance to your events with Badge & Track. Available as a plug-in module with both of our ComPic and Conference Card Creator badging software, or as part of a managed badging service.

  • Operates with Barcode, QR code or RFID technology.
  • Full reporting on attendees to your event and no shows.
  • Allow or deny access to your events, manage session bookings.
  • Email barcode option to enable scanning and badge printing as delegates arrive at the venue.
  • Choice of barcode/RFID readers or operate the Badge & Track mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.

Attendance Reporting

Create comprehensive, user configurable attendance reports on for example;

  • Total attendance numbers at your events.
  • Date and time of arrival/departure of each attendee.
  • Which seminar, session, break-out each attendee visited.
  • List people booked to attend the event and ‘no shows’

Reports can be generated during and post event, or in real time with the Badge & Track mobile app. All reports can be viewed on screen or exported to other applications.

Scan and Print Badges On Arrival

With the Scan & Deliver email function Badge & Track can be used to print badges as delegates arrive at your event, eliminating the need to print in advance. An email including a barcode, which has been generated from the software, can be sent out in advance. The delegate can then bring this onsite, either as a print out or on a phone/tablet, present it to a reader on the registration desk and the badge automatically printed.

Badge Scanners

We can supply a wide range of handheld, desktop or wall mounted badge scanners to operate with Badge & Track. These can be purchased for ongoing use or hired for the duration of your event.

Close up on-site scanning and RFID Stand alone barcode scanner and barcode on mobile phone
Scan & Deliver
Badges on arrival in 5 seconds