ComPicWeb: online ID cards

Due to the ever-evolving technical industry (Internet of things. IoT) managing your badging/ID card needs has now become data centric. Using our custom designed badging software, web management tools and printers you are now able to access all data for all registered applicants in one place, anywhere and at anytime to make badges and create ID cards online.



ComPicWeb allows you to manage your own badging and ID cards online yourself. Whether that’s on your in-house or nominated server you have access to online application forms, design of cards, set up database fields, create user authorisations and more. ComPicWeb is an ideal solution for companies with multiple locations, allowing local controllers to manage their specific ID requirements.


ComPicWeb works in conjunction with our ComPic software, which is available either to buy, or as part of our bureau badging service. This is then paired with one of our Doppie badge printers and office printers so you are able to manage the whole process internally yourselves, a fully integrated service.


If you are looking for a part hosted service IDentilam can facilitate this need through our secure servers. We then match your requirements, installing and hosting your database. You are then able to access a fully customised version of ComPicWeb, which holds all your database records including images, securely online. Accessing all this valuable information online, without the need to deal with printing etc. IDentilam will deliver your ID cards and event badges directly to the applicant if needed. A complete concierge service, managed by you.


  • Pairs with our unique in-house ComPic badging software
  • Enables employees to register for their ID cards online via any web-enabled device, anywhere and anytime
  • Enables delegates to register for events online, securely storing data
  • Manage your badging database via the web
  • Fully customisable for each company or event, to be used time and time again
  • Available for use on both single or multi-location sites, connecting your team wherever they are


You are able to manage and monitor applications through the online reporting module enabling you to be reactive in submitting badges for printing. Organisation at your fingertips.

Hosting of ComPicWeb:

ComPicWeb can be hosted by IDentilam on its 24/7 maintained server or alternatively, clients can use their own server. There are two ways in which ComPicWeb can be hosted:

ComPicWeb in house:

You can choose to install ComPicWeb on your nominated in-house or hosted server in conjunction with ComPic and one of our Doppie badge printers. When hosting ComPicWeb yourself, you can create online application forms, design cards, set up database fields, create user authorisations and more.

Your database records and photo images can be accessed securely online, at any time from any location via the web. There is also an online reporting module and secure approval process to manage and monitor online applications and submit the badges for printing.

IDentilam Bureau service:

IDentilam can install and host your database on our secure servers and set up all aspects of ComPicWeb to meet your requirements. All of your database records and photo images can be accessed securely online at any time from any location via the web.

IDentilam Bureau team will print your ID cards or event badges using our Doppie and laser printers and distribute them to you or directly to the applicant, depending on your preference.

ComPicWeb our cloud based system for ID cards