Re-usable Window Badge

In use with our Conference Card Creator Software, Reusable “Window” badges provide a complete badging system with badges that can be reused. Conference Card Creator will not only create the badge insert design but also will keep a record of all attendees in the database for reports to be printed and, if required, reprinting onto new designs for other events. The 3 different sizes of badge are infinitely variable as to the size of the insert to be inserted into the badge, providing the ultimate in flexibility and choice. Each badge is printed and constructed to client requirements, with different size openings, where the insert will be introduced. A thumb recess makes loading and unloading the inserts, easy. To create the Window Badge holder, exact client colour pantone matching for logos and branding is guaranteed using pantone colours, processed, on site, through a screen printing process; the screen print is applied to a specially treated, durable matt etched surface, which adds style to the overall look of the badge.

Badge type

Badge Type

Reusable window badges and printed paper inserts

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  • Badge Sizes, 74mm x 55mm, 86mm x 54mm, 95 x 62mm
  • Reusable by inserting new data into insert paper, within badge
  • Printing onto matching sized inserts to badge opening
  • Badge opening/insert size, infinitely variable
  • Client branding screen printed onto outside of badge
  • Full customisation to client requirements
  • Exact pantone colour matching
  • High quality thick, laminated PVC with frosted window
  • Stock inserts, on A4 sheet for printing via inkjet or laser printer
  • Full features of Conference Card creator software
  • Badge design and database creation
  • Import of data possible from 3rd party software
  • Range of unobtrusive magnetic fasteners, self-adhesive pins and clips
Conference Card Creator Badge & Track

Printer options

Inkjet Desktop

Inkjet Desktop

Laserjet Desktop

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Being reusable the unit cost of each personalised badge lessens after each issue. Collect the badges at the end of the event, or ask a visitor to return the badge to reception and the operating costs decline every time the reusable badge is reused. The badges can be completed in advance, or the data inserts can be printed on arrival of the visitor. The Conference Card Caddie is a perfect partner for the Reusable badges. Being able to use either an inkjet printer or laser printer further keeps the costs down. An extensive range of attachments including self-adhesive pin & clip and magnetic fasteners completes the solution.