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PVC cards have been used for identification purposes for a long time, most often in credit card size. Their use in the field where badges are being personalised in relatively small numbers is diminishing. It carries a high cost of entry & their flexibility and speed of issue have meant that printers, in the main, have sought to increase speed at the expense of output quality. Most importantly it is the quality and versatility of the software package that will heighten or lower the user experience. Our Doppie™100/200/300 are all British manufactured printers which are feature full and have outstanding warrantees. We recommend them for printing of colour images/badges that are not critical in their reproduction. They can be networked, are easily loaded with inks, can have smart encoders built in and extra security in the printing process and a three year warranty – assuredly the best of the commercial printers and British to boot. The Doppie ComPact will output the highest quality print from any desk top printer in the marketplace.

Badge type

Badge Type

86 x 54mm

Badge Type

88 x 140mm

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Software choices

  • Badge size 86mm x 54mm or 88mm x 140mm
  • PVC material; ECO grade material also available
  • Simplex or Duplex Doppie printers
  • Added security with IDentikote or IDentipatch
  • Connects to ComPicWeb, Badge & Track and Event Media Accreditation & Ticketing
  • Embellishments for ICONS (Flags, Zones, Catering)
  • Full card design software for styling front and reverse of card with graphics and database
  • Data can be imported via Excel
  • Database & card design linked
  • Reporting to client requirements
  • Searching of records on database by various fields, to client configuration
  • Batch printing output to order of type/category of badge or other field, from software
  • Barcode or RFID tracking when linked to Badge and Track
  • Full range of holders and attachments
ComPic Badge & Track ComPicWeb

Printer options

Doppie 100/300

Doppie Printer More Information

Doppie ComPact

Doppie ComPact More Information

Doppie LBE

Doppie LB More Information

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Where image quality and reproduction is of more importance then the Doppie™ ComPact and Doppie™ 450 will render the highest quality reproduction of the DTC (Direct To Card) printers in the world market place. The extended printer is a modification of the original Doppie100/200/300 and is currently the only DTC machine able to process a large card (88mm x 140mm) and print 2 sets of credit card area to one side in the centre of the card. Our selection of printers is carefully chosen so that our clients can have manageable choices & unlimited options, whilst not being baffled by so many different types of printers.