Plastic Pop Out Badge

The ComPic suite of software or Conference Card Creator software are ideal stable mates for the process of producing tough, high definition and waterproof badges. The Pop Out badges are made from a non-tear, waterproof polyester plastic that can be printed via a LaserJet printer. The Pop Out Badge is ideal for outdoor events as it will not smudge or be adversely affected by the climatic conditions. So tough is the material that lanyards, clips or other accessories are attached directly to the Pop Out Plastic badge. There is no requirement for folding, simply detach the Badge from the A4 sheet; micro perforations ensure a clean edge.

Badge type

Badge Type

95mm x 75mm

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Software choices

  • Blank sheet perforated in A4 format – one size – tear proof plastic
  • Background and embellishments can be incorporated
  • Data can be imported or manually entered
  • Single or batch printing
  • Printing by category
  • Barcode for tracking seamless link to Badge & Track
  • Tear proof and waterproof
  • Straps or lanyards attached directly to Pop out badge
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Printer options

Laserjet Desktop

Laserjet Desktop More Information

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Additional security can be added including an IDentifoil (cf. hologram) or security background printing. Using our software enables rapid and dramatic changes to the card style in a matter of minutes; databases can still be linked to the new card style, simply by associating the new style with the record; hence this rather unique badge is not only very durable and unique, but also is very flexible in use and can be redesigned in a matter of minutes. To our knowledge this product is unique to IDentilam, certainly for badge supply in the United Kingdom.