Large Paper Folding Badge

The Large Folding Badges together with either ComPic or Conference Card Creator software provide a flexible and inexpensive alternative to large plastic badges produced by conventional PVC printing methods. Large folding badges are output via an inkjet or laser printer and are quick and easy to produce both pre-event and on-site. The badges come in a range of sizes and will be inserted either into a Clear Rigid Wallet after printing, or encapsulated into a polyester type pouch. They are extremely durable and have a high quality appearance. The badge is weatherproof and will last for weeks and weeks, ideal for sports meetings or demanding environments. The front and reverse of the sheet are printed in one pass; identical information can be printed out or the details on each side can be different.

Badge type

Badge Type

85 x 122mm

Badge Type

85 x 122mm

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Software choices

  • Badge sizes up to A6 (105mm x 148mm)
  • Blank sheets supplied
  • A5 or A4 perforated sheet format
  • Option of any size of photograph
  • RFID or Barcode linked to Badge & Track
  • Comprehensive database and graphic design package
  • Data entered manually, imported or online
  • User configured search & reporting
  • Embellishments indicate access rights & privileges
  • Simplex printer providing duplex printing
  • Printed badges laminated or inserted into rigid card holders
  • Extremely durable and waterproof
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Printer options

Inkjet Desktop

Inkjet Desktop More Information

Laserjet Desktop

Laserjet Desktop More Information

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Sometimes a multi pocket PVC wallet will be used so that not only can the badge be visibly displayed but the wallet can also carry itineraries, schedules or other extra data. Often Credential Wallets can form part of the solution. The clear plastic wallets can be combined with plain or printed lanyards. The double sided badges can include, name, photograph and full colour sponsor logos as well as 1D barcodes or QR barcodes. A popular folding badge size is A6. Our bundles offer complete solutions from conception through to delivery.