IDhesive Label Badge

The Doppie™ 3500LD is designed to address higher volume issue and enables very rapid production of IDhesive Badges. ComPic is programmed to output to the printer (Doppie™ 3500LD) and therefore the same process for badge production applies, albeit output is at about one badge printed per every 6 seconds, in full colour, to both sides. The material used in the Doppie™ 3500LD comprises pigmented ink and plastic impregnated non tear paper, in fanfold format. Specially pigmented inks ensure a remarkably crisp print output and also the ink and badge, when submersed in water, will not smudge.

Badge type

Badge Type

102mm x 82mm

Badge Type

96mm x 134mm

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  • Badge size 102mm x 82mm & 96mm x 134mm
  • Badges supplied, blank, in Fan Fold format
  • Pre-punched apertures for lanyard or clip attachment
  • Printed on full colour printer; one card per 6 seconds
  • No wallet required
  • Specially coated, plastic impregnated paper
  • Using pigmented inks to prevent smudging and provide water resistance
  • Embellishments for ICONS (Flags, Zones, Catering)
  • Full card design software for styling front and reverse of card with graphics and database
  • Data can be imported via Excel
  • Database & card design linked
  • Reporting to client requirements
  • Searching of records on database by any field
  • Batch printing output to order by type/category of badge or other field
  • Double sided printing using single sided printer
  • Output of unique or static barcodes
  • Barcode or RFID tracking when linked to Badge and Track
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IDhesive Label Printer

IDhesive Label Printer More Information

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The Badge is ideal for outdoor use and can be printed with machine readable codes for tracking purposes, making it ideal for events where there is a high turnout of attendees. Currently the IDhesive fanfold media is available in two finished badge sizes of 82mm x 102mm and 102mm x 140mm, using the full printing width of the Doppie™ 3500LD . Using ComPic software the information on the back and front can be the same or completely different; badge templates are preloaded enabling the user to design the badge via the graphics package. The badge printer is added to the system in the same way as any other badge printer, as a paper printer via the ComPic setup menu; the ComPic badge design module is accessible via the layouts button in the setup screen to create the required size of badge and is automatically sent to the printer driver. Once the badge layout is created in the printer setup, it is automatically added to the list of available badge printer sizes in the style badge design package; the layout is created using front and back buttons in the graphics package to create double sided badges and the same or different designs can be added for either side of the badge.