IDhesive Folding Badge

In the Conference & Events industry where badges need to last days rather than years, the IDhesive Badges Bundle provides a fast, flexible and inexpensive alternative to Credit card sized PVC. IDhesive Badges are semi rigid and ideal for short term use. A premium IDhesive is available for extra durability. IDhesive badge sizes are considerably larger than Credit Card PVC Badges; the extra printable area – on 2 sides – provides for more legible information, including photo, graphics and textual data and provides the opportunity to champion sponsors, visibly, with their logos. Both ComPic and Conference Card Creator software make this possible.

Badge type

Badge Type

95 x 120mm matt

Badge Type

95 x 75mm matt
95 x 130mm premium

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Software choices

  • Blank sheet supplied in A5 format
  • Single side, duplex printing
  • Any size of photo, as required
  • Intuitive, powerful, graphic and database design package
  • Embellishments indicate access rights and privileges
  • Badge holder categories graphically visible
  • Seamlessly linked with Badge&Track
  • Barcode or RFID tracking
  • Reporting on all activities
  • Slot hole for attachment – no holder required
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Printer options

Inkjet Desktop

Inkjet Desktop

Laserjet Desktop

Laserjet Desktop More Information

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The design and placement of all textual and graphical elements is fully controlled by the user and no pre-printing is necessary. The front and reverse of the badge do not need to be the same and often itineraries or schedules are printed to the reverse. The flexibility afforded to the badge issuer is significant and all printing is carried out in one pass. Cost of production is kept low, using a standard desk top printer. The holder’s photograph can be seen from a distance as can the bold text and graphics. Barcodes added through the software can combine with our Badge & Track module to provide a full tracking solution using barcode readers or RFID. Badges can be produced in-house with the bundle and easily transported for use on-site.