Conference Inserts

The Conference Card Creator software is intuitive and provides a range of features that afford accurate and professional looking Conference Badges. As well as being used to design and print the badges, the software includes database search, edit and filtering functions and allows creation of user formatted reports. Conference Badge Inserts are available in a variety of sizes and formats and match the template sizes in the Conference card creator software. They are easy to produce, flexible in design and send a message of quality and professionalism out to delegates. Unlike a standard desktop application such as WORD, Conference Card Creator has built in features that will enhance your branding and save time and money over the course of events.

Badge type

Badge Type

10 up 90 x 57mm inserts on A4 sheet

Badge Type

90 x 57mm Conference Badge in Acrylic Holder

Transported for use on-site using the Conference Card Caddie

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Software choices

  • Blank sheets, perforated in A4 & A5 format
  • Extensive choice of insert sizes
  • All templates included in software
  • Special formatting, print in CAPS, for example, however imported
  • Background and embellishments can be incorporated
  • Easy to copy existing designs and create a variant design
  • Objects can easily be moved to anywhere on the card, overlapping etc.
  • Data can be imported or manually entered
  • Query database and toggle between record view and list view
  • Single or batch printing
  • Printing by category
  • Projects can be password protected
  • Barcode or RFID tracking
  • Email event attendees
  • Inserts fit into a range of Acrylic holders and PVC wallets
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Printer options

Inkjet Desktop

Inkjet Desktop

Laserjet Desktop

Laserjet Desktop More Information

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Using the Conference Card Creator software, a complete, full colour design can be generated from the software creating well formatted, consistent badges to identify delegates and also promote the event and/or sponsors. Our conference inserts are pre-perforated in A4 and A5 sheets, ready for printing through a laser or inkjet printer and are inserted into either rigid acrylic holders or PVC wallets with a choice of attachments ranging form clip and pin to magnetic attachments. Conference Card holders can be collected at the end of the Conference and reused. The Conference Card Caddie can be used to transport the conference badges to a venue; once on site the Caddie trays can be taken from the carrying case and the Conference badges displayed tidily and in alphabetical order, ready for efficient and swift distribution.