Reusable name badges – window

Badging Bundle

Print your own name badges in-house for re-use or make use of our badging services:

The inserts can be printed using Conference Card Creator. We supply the paper inserts on perforated sheets, either pre-printed or blank ready for you to print your own personalised data. The inserts output to any standard laser or inkjet printer.

The name badge holders are manufactured by us. They are fully customisable to any design and work perfectly if you have multiple events as their durability enables you to use them again and again.

Print your paper inserts using any standard ink or laser jet printer.

We are also able to produce and print your badges for you as part of a managed badging service.

Choose the size of your reusable badges

There are 3 different sizes of badges to choose from:

  • 74mm x 55mm
  • 86mm x 54mm
  • 95mm x 62mm

However, their flexibility goes much further. Designs can be generated to enable an infinite number of Window sizes on each size of badge holder. The window size can be manufactured to any size to suit the insert size sought by the user.

Works perfectly with the:

Pin and clip attachments as well as magnetic bar strips.

Customise your badges:

The reusable name badge graphics can be pantone matched using a screen-printing process. This will ensure consistency and adherence to company brand guidelines. The surface of the badge holder is a matted finish and guaranteeing a look and feel of the highest quality.

Storage and distribution:

The Conference Card Caddie is perfect for storing and distributing your badges at your event.