plastic badges

Badging Bundle

Design and print your own plastic badges in-house or as part of a badging service:

Using ComPic software which outputs to our range of Doppie card printers and can be printed in black and white, full colour, simplex or duplex.

We are also able to produce and print your badges for you as part of a managed badging service.

Choose the size of your plastic badges:

We have a wide range of standard stock sizes and bespoke sizes are available at your request.

Works perfectly with:

Badge holders, attachments, wallets and lanyards to give your badges that finished, professional look.

Customise your plastic badges:

You can do this by adding photographs of your delegates, design your own layouts, add your company logos, backgrounds and colour coding to indicate access privileges.

Optional tracking features available:

Optional security features available:

  • Holofoil / Holokote
  • IDentikote
  • Fine line printing
  • Vestigial imaging
  • UV printing

Storage and distribution:

Our badge trays and boxes are perfect for storing and distributing your badges on-site at your event.