IDhesive folding badges

Badging Bundle

Design and print your own paper badges in-house or use our badging services:

You can do this using the Conference & ID Card Creator or ComPic software. The Standard IDhesive folding badges can be printed using an inkjet or laser printer and the Premium IDhesive folding badges are printed using an inkjet printer only.

These badges allow for duplex printing using only a simplex printer.

We are able to produce and print your badges for you as part of a managed badging service. Once printed, we can also transfer the software to you which will enable you to print your own badges using the same design on-site.

Choose the size of your paper badges:

There are three different sizes of IDhesive badges currently available.

  • 95x75mm
  • 95x120mm
  • 95x130mm

Which IDhesive badge to choose:

Standard IDhesive folding badge:

Uses paper with matte finish and is available with a hole at the top in order to attach to a lanyard or clip attachment.

Premium IDhesive folding badge:

Uses paper with a premium inkjet treated finish which also gives an added durability and strength. Currently available in 95x130mm size with a hole at the top in order to attach to a lanyard or clip attachment.

How to use your IDhesive badges:

There’s absolutely no need for badge holders or badge wallets. The IDhesive badges are strong and work perfectly on their own when attached to one of our lanyards or attachments.

Customise your badges using our software systems:

You can do this by adding photographs of your delegates, design your own layouts, add your company logos, backgrounds and colour coding to indicate access privileges.

Optional tracking features available:

Optional security features available:

  • Holofoil
  • Fine line printing
  • Vestigial imaging
  • UV printing