Conference & event badge types

Badges for Conferences - unlimited options

We can provide you with whichever style of name badge or ID card you require, in any size using a range of materials. You choose, we deliver.

The range of software applications are designed to enable a wide variety of badges to be produced; we can also tailor them to create bespoke badges in any style or size. If you have something unique in mind, please give us a call and we'll do everything we can to meet your requirements.

This section has been created to inform you of the assortment of badges we are able to produce and to guide you through each of your options.

To complement our badging systems, we also provide lanyards, badge accessories and badging trays. Our experience covers large sporting events, corporate conferences, product launches and Government summits so whatever your needs, we can advise on the best solution for your event.


We had a blast in Abuja. Everyone was so excited at the new machines we brought in. There were so many comments about how fast the printers were. We were like super stars, I don't regret coming to IDentilam.

Nigerian Economic Summit

IDentilam has always been responsive, flexible and professional to our complex needs and demands of a modern retail business. Using ComPicWeb provides secure access for requests to IDentilam, online, for staff ID Card production. We also have 24/7 access to our records held on the Cloud.

Lookers Group plc

All users of ComPicWeb benefit from a system that is accessible, 24/7, from any internet connection (subject to password and user log in access levels) sharing all data company & worldwide that is always concurrent and up to date. Records and data can be added and edited according to access rights. A truly flexible and powerful solution for access to information and consistency of company branding.


I have just ordered my first ID Card using the new system (ComPicWeb) and I must say that at the moment it appears to be a lot easier and certainly saves a lot of time and effort, filling in application forms, printing them off, sending them off and attaching endless photos

Thames Water

You took what would have been a virtually unmanageable task for our team and made it look easy. I must say it took an enormous weight off of my mind. You provided an excellent and professional service, and were fantastically helpful and accommodating. Many commented on the day on the high quality of the passes.

Organiser of National Ceremony (Remembrance Sunday), London

National Ceremony (Remembrance Sunday), London

“As you would expect we tackle many accreditation systems on a regular basis and this has been one of the most efficient, simple and well run versions we have come across.”

Senior Editor, Global News Agency, Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee

Global News Agency