Clear plastic wallets for ID badges

  • Clear wallets with reinforced double strength tops
  • Slot & holes for attachment
  • Stock sizes as below
  • Custom sizes available to order
  • recyclable3All our plastic wallets are recyclable
single flexible plastic wallet

All IDentilam flexible wallets are made from top grade, recyclable PVC (diamond with figure 3 inside) and in line with the 2015 EU edict we are phasing our materials to all be Phthalate free.

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality plastic wallets that will last the user much longer than lower quality/lower cost wallets.

The thick recyclable PVC used in the manufacture of our wallets are double welded ensuring they keep their shape, remain attractive and functional in use even in the most rigorous of environments.

As manufacturers we produce custom sizes in addition to our standard sized stock wallets. UK manufacture ensures highest quality, traceable material and fast manufacturing turnaround.

The wallets have a slot and two holes pre-punched into the top section to enable the attachment of lanyards, strap clips, chains and retractable badge reels to display the holder and contents.

Best value is ensured by using the best materials and production process resulting in a durable and hard wearing badge holder.

twin pocket plastic card wallet

As well as carrying an ID badge in the twin flexible wallets quite often additional badges or data are carried as a complement to the principle id badge – safety instructions or site badges are quite often additionally carried.

4 heavy duty standard stock sizes are available, off the shelf, however as manufacturers we are often commissioned to produce bespoke wallet sizes and designs, using our thicker recyclable PVC and double welding techniques to ensure ease and durability in use.

Whilst providing for a durable wallet no sacrifices are made in ensuring that the flexible wallet remains attractive and fit for purpose.

All wallets are supplied as standard with two holes and a slot pre-punched in the top reinforced double strength section, allowing for attachment of lanyards, clips, chains and retractable badge reels, providing for the wallet to be clearly and visibly displayed.

High quality, double strength wallets built for rugged environments and built to last.

multi pocket plastic wallet

The multi pocket, clear, heavy-duty wallets are in high demand.

These wallets are manufactured according to our rigid quality control, aware as we are, of the significant extra handling to which the wallet will be subjected. The wallet will be subjected to constant insertion and withdrawal of a variety of documents appertaining to the environment in which they will be used.

Predominantly the multi pocket wallets will be used for events where a collection of information documents will complement the id badge. The documents are often folded and test the durability of the double welding of the seams and double PVC layers where used.

We have one stock size, available off the shelf, although other custom sizes and configurations are regularly made for our clients.

Our unique manufacturing process which adds to the strength and durability of the wallets ensures that the wallets will withstand the rigours of constant rough handling and extraction and reinsertion of the documents into the different pockets.