Plastic badge reels

The plastic badge reel is lightweight and easy to wear making it a practical tool for the office environment or around an exhibition hall or conference.

Both the small and large plastic badge reels are available in a choice of black, white, blue, red and green and can have different attachments for the badge to fit and be displayed.

The small reels are 33mm in diameter with a 25mm recess to allow a printed dome to be added. This could be perhaps a corporate/event logo or sponsor’s message.

The larger plastic reels, also often referred to as ski-pass yo-yos can also be branded with a dome or screen printed directly to the surface. Unlike the small badge reels which have an integral metal clip the larger reels are attached to clothing using a plastic fitting.


Small Plastic:

  • Black – 01/2411 (lanyard not included)
  • White – 01/2412
  • Red – 01/2413
  • Blue – 01/2414
  • Green – 01/2415

Large Plastic:

  • Black – 01/2401
  • White – 01/2402
  • Red – 01/2403
  • Blue – 01/2404
  • Green – 01/2405
Plastic badge reels