Badge reels & yo-yos

Retractable badge reels, also referred to as yo-yos, are ideal in an environment where an ID card or badge has to be swiped or presented to a reader for access control or similar.

Our range includes; small and large plastic, metal, carabiner and branded/corporate.

Badge reels are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours (red, blue, black, white, green or chrome effect) and materials including both metal and plastic.

Each reel is fitted with a strong retractable cord with a generous reach for ease of operation. A Proximity or Magnetic Stripe card can be read without having to be unclipped or removed from a holder.

An integral metal or plastic attachment is fitted to enable the reels to be worn on a belt loop, pocket or similar. Alternatively the badge reels can be attached directly to a lanyard for wearing around the neck.

ID cards, key fobs, and many other similar devices can be attached using a wide choice of fittings including plastic strap clips, crocodile clips, split rings and there is even an attachment for a pen or pencil.

To enhance corporate identity or for a sponsorship opportunity the reels can be printed with a logo or brand message.

Ideal for corporate branding when wearing ID cards around a building or giving away gifts as promotional incentives by organisers of exhibitions, conferences and events. Branding of badge reels provides an excellent sponsorship opportunity.

A range of different materials, sizes, attachments and branding are available.

Suited to a number of environments; with a pencil for stock controlling or attached to a golfing bag; worn by waiters in a restaurant for taking orders.

Full colour corporate or event logos can be added with an attractive acrylic dome. Our small and large plastic reels can also be screen printed with text or a logo; the metal reels can be laser engraved or etched.

If the badge reels are to be worn with a lanyard the branding can be matched on both to provide an attractive complete item.

  • Carabiner attachment.
  • Chrome border surround
  • “V” Closure – prevents card twisting
  • Clear re-enforced plastic strap clip
  • Flat surface – ideal for branding

The carabiner badge reels have an attractive translucent cover in a choice of colours and a metal chrome effect edging. The translucent cover enables the internal working of the badge reel to be seen.

With a cord length of 76cm the carabiner badge reels are ideally suited for use with access control cards.

Carabiner retractable badge reels have an easy to fit and release carabiner attachment that hooks the reel firmly, safely and easily onto the wearer’s clothing. Ideally suited to a belt loop it can be attached and removed very easily; despite this, the fitting is very secure. Very durable but light in weight.

A range of different materials, sizes, attachments and branding.

As with all of our reels the metal retractable badge reels can be worn using a lanyard or from a person’s belt. The surface is receptive to printing or a plastic dome can be added providing a good opportunity for sponsorship or enhancing corporate identity. For larger quantities the metal reels can also be laser engraved or stamped.

The pull cord is generally made of hard wearing nylon a wire type material for heavy duty use. The reels are available in a range of sizes and weights and will often have a strap clip for the retaining the badge, although other options of attachments are available.

The larger metal reels are 40mm in diameter and are generally available from stock in a choice of black, red or chrome finish.

The plastic badge reel is lightweight and easy to wear making it a practical tool for the office environment or around an exhibition hall or conference.

Both the small and large plastic badge reels are available in a choice of black, white, blue, red and green and can have different attachments for the badge to fit and be displayed.

The small reels are 33mm in diameter with a 25mm recess to allow a printed dome to be added. This could be perhaps a corporate/event logo or sponsor’s message.

The larger plastic reels, also often referred to as ski-pass yo-yos can also be branded with a dome or screen printed directly to the surface. Unlike the small badge reels which have an integral metal clip the larger reels are attached to clothing using a plastic fitting.