Metal strap clips

A range of metal clips with plastic straps.

Strap clips are very durable; the clip is attached through a slot in the badge or badge holder and then the clasp attaches to a pocket or lapel. A simple and effective way of wearing badges that are not protected by a badge holder.Our carabiner short strap clips are compatible with a range of device types.

Straps can be printed in lanyard style.

The metal carabiners can be screen printed or etched.

The carabiner short strap clips are ideal for quickly and securely attaching one item to another; used predominantly in the field of mountaineering. These Carabiners are NOT suitable for climbing but are suitable for carrying keys, attaching bag straps and a collection of small items. The asymmetrical design allows for a wide opening gate with excellent capacity. Available with a locking device.

Codes Metal strap clip with plastic popper 01/2101

Metal strap clip with metal popper – 01/2103

Metal Strap clip with metal popper and crocodile clip – 01/2301