Magnetic attachments

The magnetic attachments are discreet and cause no damage to clothing when used with an id card or badge. Ideally suited to credit card and smaller badge sizes, the card looks like it is being suspended from the wearer’s clothing. The magnets are very strong and allow the wearing of the badge where pockets or lapels are not available and therefore not suited to conventional clips.

Self adhesive magnetic bar

  • One section attached to badge
  • Other section placed inside clothing to adhere to badge

Magnetic Stud Strap

  • Card attached by stud into punched hole
  • Magnetic strap fastens to either side of clothing

Colours: Black, White, Red, Blue


  • Self adhesive magnetic bar - 01/3713
  • Magnetic Stud Strap
  • Black - 01/3721
  • White - 01/3722
  • Red - 01/3723
  • Blue - 01/3724