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IDentilam the badge company +44 (0)1293 854 700    sales@identilam.co.uk

IDentilam specialises in standard and customised corporate ID cards, produced using our proprietary software, ComPic.

Online ID Cards. Web-based corporate ID card software from IDentilam: ComPicWeb, also available in conjunction with our bureau service.



Online ID cards

ComPicWeb is our proprietary system for managing your ID card process from any computer or web-enabled device via a web browser. It works in conjunction with our ComPic ID card software and is available either to buy, or as part of our bureau service.

This is an ideal solution for an organisation with multiple locations, allowing local controllers to manage their ID card requirements whilst ensuring the database remains concurrent at all times.

ComPicWeb can be hosted by IDentilam on its 24/7 maintained server or alternatively clients can use their own server

Thames Water use the IDentilam server taking advantage of a full bureau service for all their employees

I have just ordered my first ID Card using the new system (ComPicWeb) and I must say that at the moment it appears to be a lot easier and certainly saves a lot of time and effort, filling in application forms, printing them off, sending them off and attaching endless photos”  – Thames Water Bureau card user

P&O enjoy the same advantages of being online with ComPicWeb but host the application on their own server
All users of ComPicWeb benefit from a system that is accessible, 24/7, from any internet connection (subject to password and user log in access levels) sharing all data company & worldwide that is always concurrent and up to date. Records and data can be added and edited according to access rights. A truly flexible and powerful solution for access to information and consistency of company branding.

To find out more about web-based corporate ID cards, please see the ComPicWeb mini-brochure.

Contact us now on (0)1293 854 700 or email sales@identilam.co.uk

IDentilam plc, John Bostock House, Faygate, Horsham, West Sussex, England RH12 4DN
Telephone: +44 (0)1293 851711 | sales@identilam.co.uk

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