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IDentilam the badge company +44 (0)1293 854 700    sales@identilam.co.uk

Achieve professional event badge production in-house with our proprietary systems: paper insert or plastic conference badges with tracking option.

EMAT is IDentilam's system for the accreditation, ranking and badging of media, officials and participants at events.



Media accreditation & ticketing for events

EMAT (Event Media Accreditation and Ticketing) is IDentilam’s unique system for the accreditation of media, officials and participants at sports events, conferences and shows.

With EMAT you can allocate access or seating according to status using the ‘ranking’ facility, design and produce event badges/passes and manage the database.

EMAT is an add-on module for ComPic, our proprietary badging software, and can also be combined with ComPicWeb, our web-based badging module for access via a web browser.

To appreciate the full scope and capabilities of EMAT including examples of it in use, please download the media accreditation mini brochure.

Contact us now on (0)1293 854 700 or email sales@identilam.co.uk

As you would expect we tackle many accreditation systems on a regular basis and this has been one of the most efficient, simple and well run versions we have come across.”
Senior Editor, Global News Agency, Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee

IDentilam plc, John Bostock House, Faygate, Horsham, West Sussex, England RH12 4DN
Telephone: +44 (0)1293 851711 | sales@identilam.co.uk

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