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Safety Lanyards

Safety lanyards can incorporate high visibility materials, glow in the dark threads, UV glowing threads and inks.

Looking at the next 4 pages will emphasise that the lanyard can be part of a health and safety and also security regime. All manner of unique, visible and covert features can be built into the processing of the lace and also in using security inks. Much the same as safety clothing is worn extensively the lanyard can also be converted into a “safety lanyard” and a “security lanyard”.


widths – dependent on style

[1] [2] [3] [4]


10mm width
central reflective silver strip screen
printed 1 colour to one side

20mm width
grey reflective strip
screen printed 2/3 colours
to one side

V-Power Shell
25mm width
2 reflective strips
screen printed
2 colours
to one side

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