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Custom Lanyards

Our innovations are client led

Our special and quirky innovations continue to expand the usage and usefulness of the lanyard. All sorts of attachments enable useful items to be put onto the lanyard and render it “like a swiss penknife”. The supplemetary lanyard accessories range from carrying bags, hoods to protect from the weather, bottle openers, telephone attachments, whistles and so forth. The lanyards can be designed to carry almost any innovative item that the client may demand, by using standard lanyard attachments. The most efficacious thing about the lanyard is that any attachment that is connected, is easily accessible and securely attached to the lanyard. If you have a novel requirment for a specially designed lanyard, contact us, and we will be pleased to discuss the ways that it can be manufactured – we will examine and consider all briefs and respond very quickly.

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The hood/bag is made from nylon. Available with any type
of lanyard lace. Any number
of accessories can be incorporated into
the lanyard.


The bag will hold
from 1.5-2 kilos with
breakaway attachment and
up to 5 kilos without breakaway attachment on the lanyard.

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