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IDentilam the badge company +44 (0)1293 854 700    sales@identilam.co.uk

Achieve professional event badge production in-house with our proprietary systems: paper insert or plastic conference badges with tracking option.

Badge printers for professional event badge printing. Choose from our range of superior quality DOPPIE conference badge printers.

“Thank you so much – can I just say you are currently up there as one of the best support contracts we use.
I say that because so often we only complain and forget to praise.”

Diana Tilman,
Computacenter (UK) Ltd


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Printer Comparison Matrix

Badge Printers for Conferences & Events

When it comes to choosing a badge printer, print quality will be paramount, particularly for sponsor or event logos which on lesser printers can often reproduce very poorly.

We supply and support the DOPPIE™ range of badge printers for use with our proprietary badging software, because in our long experience we have found them to be the best in terms of their very high print quality and reliability.

DOPPIE™ printers are capable of accurately reproducing crisp logos, full colour photos, graphics & overlays onto a variety of plastic badge sizes.

If you require straightforward paper insert badges these can be printed on standard office printers.

Which printer?

Here is a brief comparison of our badge printers. To compare models in more detail, view the summary comparison chart or call us for further information.

DOPPIE™ ComPact is a portable, low maintenance solution for single sided, credit-card sized badges. Ideal to take on-site to events and perfect for situations where space is limited.
View datasheet.

DOPPIE™ 450FE has a similar specification to the ComPact, but with the capability of printing double sided and in-line encoding of smartcards. There is an optional hot roller unit to apply security over-laminates.
View datasheet.

DOPPIE™ LB for printing larger badges (110 x 54mm or 140 x 54mm), and with the option of in-line encoding.
View datasheet.

DOPPIE™ LBE offers all the benefits of the LB but with the added capability of producing larger, wider badges (up to 140 x 87.7mm).
View datasheet.

DOPPIE™ 250D is a compact, entry-level model offering double-sided printing.
View datasheet.

Maintenance & Support

There are various levels of annual support contract available for IDentilam systems and printers, from full maintenance to telephone helpline support, upgrade paths and bespoke maintenance packages.
Please contact us on 01293 854 700 or email sales@identilam.co.uk for full details.

Printer ribbons & cleaning kits

IDentilam supplies a full range of printer ribbons and cleaning supplies, please see our Accessories site for full details.

Contact us now on (0)1293 854 700 or email sales@identilam.co.uk


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Telephone: +44 (0)1293 851711 | sales@identilam.co.uk

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