ID card & badge printing service

Bureau-ServicesIf you wish, we will project manage your event badge or ID card process as part of our bureau printing service.

The advantage to using a bureau service is that you do not need to invest in or maintain specialist software or equipment. We can receive your data in a variety of formats including electronically or on paper, delivered to us by post, email, FTP, on disk or online using our web-based ID card system ComPicWeb.

We host your database on our secure in-house server, create and deliver badges or ID cards to your specification and produce custom reports.

However, you may wish to keep some aspects of badge or ID card production in-house, in which case we will tailor our service to whatever suits your needs.

Our clients include some of the most sensitive UK companies and organisations; as suppliers to governments for passports and driving licence projects our security credentials are well established and tried & tested.

For more information about our badge printing service, please contact us on 01293 851711.