IDhesive Label Badges

Badging Bundle

Fast Colour badge printing – 700 plus per hour – tear proof and waterproof

You print your own badges using our bundle software or we will produce the badges as a service

The Colour label Printer Epson C3500 uses fanfold labels which are plasticised and thereby very tough and resilient. Read more

These labels allow for duplex badge printing using only a simplex printer.

There is one size of IDhesive label badge available.

  • 102 x 82mm

Other sizes can be provided to order

How to use your IDhesive label badges:

There’s absolutely no need for badge holders or badge wallets. The IDhesive badges are very strong and work perfectly on their own when attached to one of our lanyards or other attachments

Works perfectly with:

Using Conference Card Creator or ComPic you can design the badge, create the database, import data as required and print badges, in house.

Optional tracking features available:

Optional security features available:

  • Holofoil
  • Fine line printing
  • Vestigial imaging
  • UV printing