Badge boxes & trays

Caddie sizes

Event badge trays in a robust carry case for easy storage, transport and distribution.

Conference Card Caddie

The Conference Card Caddie badge tray combines portability, security, organisation and ease of distribution.

Store your conference badges in alphabetical order in two removable trays which sit inside the robust, lightweight carry case. Simply take the Caddie to the venue and distribute your badges straight from the trays.

The Conference Card Caddie is designed to be used with badges and badge holders supplied by IDentilam which fit exactly into the moulded plastic trays. It can accommodate four different badge sizes and holds up to 210 badges in two trays, depending on the badge holder size and type required. The Caddie can be branded with your logo.

It’s an indispensable tool for the conference organiser, practical and time-saving.

What’s included:

  • Lightweight, durable case
  • Removable trays (for storing and displaying your badges)
  • Alphabetical spacers – ensuring all badges are in the right order when you arrive at your conference
  • Conference card holders with pin and clip – enough holders to fill your chosen case*
  • Pack of 100 perforated A4 badge insert sheets*

(*not included in credit card size case)

Colours available: Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Badge Trays

For the full specification please download our Conference Card Caddie mini brochure, or contact us now on (0)1293 854 700 or email

BOB is the newest addition to the badge box range.

BOB offers a more cost effective and versatile alternative to our well established Card Caddie. He offers added flexibility to the current range as he is able to hold any size badge from 86x54mm up to 179x115mm inside his stackable trays.

BOB is the perfect buddy for carrying your badges to your events. You can fit up to 100 badges in each tray and you can fit up to three trays in each box. Each BOB box is supplied with two trays as standard.

Below is a breakdown of the amount of badges you can fit into each box, dependent on their size.

  • PVC / BIO PVC Credit Cards (2 trays with upto 200 cards)
  • Conference Cards holders 90x58mm (2 trays with upto 200 cards)
  • Conference Cards holders 95x67mm (2 trays with upto 200 cards)
  • Conference Cards holders 105x75 (2 trays with upto 160 cards)
  • Rigid PVC Wallets 95 x 75mm (1 tray with upto 80 cards)
  • Rigid PVC Wallets 84 x 122mm (1 tray with upto 100 cards)
  • Rigid PVC Wallets A6 (1 tray with upto 80 cards)
  • IDhesive Badges 95 x 75mm (2 trays with upto 100 cards)
  • IDhesive Badges 95 x 120mm (1 tray with upto 100 cards)
  • IDhesive Badges 95 x 130mm (1 tray with upto 100 cards)

BOB is made from durable cardboard, as are the stackable trays inside. When he comes to the end of his lifecycle; you’ll be pleased to know, he is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

BOB is super easy to carry by his built-in plastic handle, making life easy for organisers that need to transport their badges to or from their event. He is also easily transportable due to his compact size:

Outer box = Length 60cm x Width 33cm x Height 18cm

Inner trays = Length 57cm x Width 32cm x Height 32cm